When Bad Things Happen: Chapter Six Summary

Over and over in our lives, bad things happen for reasons that we simply don’t understand. Divorce, death, suicide, injuries, illnesses, depression, rejection, betrayal, abuse, and the list of difficult, seemingly unfair occurrences goes on and on. How are we supposed to respond?

 Chapter six of Dr. Bill Maynard’s book, “You Matter,” addresses this sensitive subject. As opposed to hiding from, ignoring, or avoiding the issue, Dr. Maynard explains five steps to successfully dealing with life when bad things happen. Also, he shares an encouraging and insightful testimony from a girl who had been through a horrible experience and how she learned to persevere and move on. 

The five steps he lists are:
  • Writing down the details of what happened

  • Accept your feelings as real

  • Take time to grieve and mourn

  • Let go of the past

  • Get counseling


 Then, Kylie shares her testimony of her process of overcoming an experience of abuse. She says that, “Little did I know that by bottling up my negative emotions, I was creating a greater negativity, which was destroying me on the inside. I decided to quit running and face one of my biggest secrets.”

You, too, can be broken free from the bondage of past experiences and current struggles. Do you, like Kylie, have secrets that need to be exposed, dealt with, and left behind? Purchase Dr. Maynards book to discover how to be the real you, liberated from the past and empowered to deal with everything that life will throw at you.